what is Biota?

Imagine you've got a first class ticket to witness life emerging from its primordial ooze, not only helping evolution thrive, but sculpting the wondrous alien world you've discovered. Our game will let you experience these kinds of mechanics as we give you a procedurally generated planet to call your own. Our game features mechanics previously unseen in video games, like working tectonic plates, realistic underwater currents, complex weather patterns and more. The world however, is not empty, and you will experience simulated evolution, complex AI behavior, genetics, and genuine player impact. Welcome to Biota!


From a barren rock, to a thriving paradise to call your own, Biota will let you transform your own planet from its humble beginnings to a hospitable hotbed where life finds a way. Volcanos? We've got them. Distinct biomes with unique challenges for survival? You bet. Biota’s game world will be your playground.


From the deepest oceans where light can’t penetrate, to the tallest clouds where oxygen is practically void, Biota will feature life where you least expect it. Prepare to see 10-armed, sickle-toothed terrors, or grazing slugs that drag themselves across tranquil plains, as the possibilities are almost endless thanks to our proprietary system that procedurally assembles creatures based on simulated genetics.


Every scientist has probably been told not to play God, yet that's exactly what you get to do in Biota. With a unique twist to evolution, Biota’s critters will not be Franken-creatures you assemble on your own. Instead, you'll get to watch them evolve due to environmental factors and inter-species competition. “Survival of the fittest” takes on a new meaning when you set the rules in the gym!

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